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shimmer great salt lake

Brian and I drove out to the Great Salt Lake today.

The skies were so blue yesterday and this morning—I couldn't ignore that big salty lake haunting the north-western horizon.

I thought driving out there would be a good way to celebrate the last day of the year.

I have a love-hate relationship with New Years. I love the festiveness. The newness right next to oldness. I just hate the anti-climactic wait until midnight. I also hate feeling forced to go to a party. And, then forced to keep festivities going until a certain time. The exhaustion! The waking up tired! It's an anti-celebration!

I stopped going to New Years parties circa the December Avatar came out in theaters. Instead, I try to celebrate the new year with some tangible activity outside. This is a lot easier in California where it doesn't ever get below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today, it was about 18 degrees outside as we drove out to the lake. I wish I could say I got out of the car and walked out to the water, but I am weak when it comes to coldness—it is my kryptonite. So, we drove to the marina. And, every few hundred yards, Brian stopped the car so I could hop out and take a proper photograph two steps away from the car door. But, still! I feel it was a sufficient celebration. Even from inside a window shield, I felt baptized by the view. The wide openness. The snow saltiness. The lines of color—white—brown—white—dark blue—sky.

And, so the clean white shimmering slate is presented.


What you do to celebrate, especially if it doesn't include a late-night, midnight party. What are your rituals? What are your traditions? p.s. has anyone done this before? 

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Of Holy Words and Beauty for Ashes  
"Ring Out Wild Bells"—Hymn #215


  1. We drink Martinelli's! Happy New year!

  2. I'm watching my neighborhood blowing up with fireworks and lots of people sending up those lanterns. Down here it will go on all night.


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