On Elizabeth Smart's comments about the stick of gum object lesson

This is actually just a placeholder for a post I want to write about how we sometimes discuss chastity in church. The post will be entitled, "Of Boards with Holes, Sticks of Gum, Pieces of Pie, and Variously Defiled Roses—No One is a Licked Cupcake".

But first, I think it's really important to listen to Smart's awesome & brave comments in context. It's about twelve minutes. I think it's important mainly because most the news media coverage makes it sound like she didn't escape because of an abstinence lesson—which I think is disrespectful to Elizabeth who says the reasons are complicated. The truth is that she discusses a couple of factors that parents, leaders, and other youth stakeholders could use, practically, to better prepare kids to face crises of fear and manipulation. One being the fear for her family, and the other being an absolutely ridiculous object lesson about abstinence.

As Mormons, it's a great opportunity to think about things we say that might seem "normal" because we've heard other people say them, but actually don't teach doctrine. In fact, some of these phrases and analogies teach the opposite of doctrine. Her comments regard her rape which wasn't her fault, and really highlights how teaching a principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ out of fear is always wrong. God wants us to teach principles out of love.

Clearly, I have more to say about this. But, I'm still thinking.

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  1. I watched this video last night and then had a night-filled with dreams about kidnapping, rape and being chased. Oh what a wicked world.
    Anyway, I am Jodi and Beca's friend in San Antonio and I love your blog. Since I enjoy them so much, I'm sure we would hit it off well too!


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