easter + perplexed

I recently found a talk by Elder Maxwell that is changing my life. I was 14 when he gave it. Which doesn't mean anything except I'm real grateful for the technology that allows me to listen to old conference talks pretty much wherever I want, whenever I want. The first half of the talk will kick your butt. The second half will make you weep from love and the promise of hope. Oh that promise.
Do we understand—really comprehend—that Jesus knows and understands when we are stressed and perplexed? The complete consecration which effected the Atonement ensured Jesus' perfect empathy; He felt our very pains and afflictions before we did and knows how to succor us." —Neal A. Maxwell "Swallowed Up in the Will of the Father"
I really love that word perplexed. We talk a lot about making it through hard challenges, painful challenges, but not very often about the hurt of confusion. But, the atonement offers perfect empathy even for that rubik's cube of a wound. Especially when we have to wait one hundred years for understanding.


  1. My favorite talk ever! I love it. :)

  2. Thank you so much for that. I'm glad I didn't wait to listen to that talk, and I'm excited to listen to it again soon.

    "Consecration, likewise, is not shoulder-shrugging acceptance, but, instead, shoulder-squaring to better bear the yoke."

    I've been shrugging all this time, thinking, "Whatever. It's all good." Time to square my shoulders!

  3. I love Maxwell. I think he is a beautiful speaker. His words make beautiful pictures of the Atonement. You get the sense that he really knows the Savior. I love reading his old talks and letting the imagery swirl in my heart. Then, sometimes, I feel like I know Him as Maxwell does. Good time of year to read MAxwell.


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